Protecting Your Car While You Serve

Here we do our best to serve all of our customers, including those who serve our country overseas. Many of our customers are serving or have served our country through the United States military at some point in their lives. We offer a military discount to those serving as well as products that help ensure peace of mind while they are away.

These brave citizens leave their families, friends, and home to serve for many months, sometimes years at a time overseas. This has increased over the past decade due the United States involvement in the Middle East. When these service men and women leave their lives in the States, many things they still need to take care of while they are gone. Their spouses, children, pets, houses, and even cars need to be cared for while away. To help these service men and women, we offer products that protect their cars while they are deployed.

Many military men and woman use our products to protect their cars, motorcycles, and boats while they are overseas. If you know anyone that is being deployed or is now and could use one of our covers, let us know! We would be happy to assist you in choosing the right cover. Many choose the Max cover because it is the most durable and it has a lifetime guarantee. It also protects against sun, rain, snow, ice, and dust, so it will give you top of the line protection in every climate.

The following is a review from a customer and active military member that is serving overseas.

I love my car cover because I can take care of my car even when I'm overseas. My wife doesn't need to worry about maintaining it, and it even gives her space in the garage to park because mine is outside. I know my car is being taken care of and protected from the elements, which is one less thing I need to worry about. Thanks for the great cover!

As mentioned before, we also offer a military discount of ff your total order, all we need is a US military email address. Email Us or call for details.

We are thankful for the opportunity to help these men and woman who give their lives to protect our Country. Providing discounts and quality products they can use to ensure peace of mind while they are away is the least we can do.

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