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Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care
 by: Kevin Schappell

As the weather turns colder, it is time to think about your car for a second. A little preparation can go a long way to making your winter travels a lot safer. Here is a checklist to get you started.

1. Check the antifreeze. The freezing point can be checked with a simple tool available at any auto parts store. Make sure you check the antifreeze when it's cool. Opening a hot radiator can be a dangerous thing.

2. Check the air pressure in your tires. As the air gets cooler pressure drops in your tires. Maintaining your tire pressures will reward you with higher gas mileage and longer tire life.

3. Make sure you have the following items in your car.

  • Ice Scraper
  • Salt or sand for traction
  • Blanket in case you are stranded and need to keep warm
  • Good first aid kit (not just for winter)
  • Road flares

4. Check all belts and hoses. As the temperature drops rubber tends to stiffen and break allot easier. Make sure all your rubber hoses and belts are in tip-top shape.

5. Treat your gas tank to a can of gas line antifreeze before the cold weather strikes. The additive will remove any water in the system and prevent your fuel lines from freezing.

6. Check your tires for wear. Make sure you have plenty of tread left to get you through the snow. Nothing is worse than 3" of snow and bald tires.

About The Author

Kevin Schappell maintains http://www.carbuyersclub.com where he gives advice on buying, selling, insurance, and financing. A mechanical engineer and car guy, Kevin has decided to spend his online time helping others learn about automobiles. To learn more about how your car works, Kevin has created http://www.mycarwizard.com.