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Volvo Integrates iPOD for 2005 US Model Line

Volvo Integrates iPOD for 2005 US Model Line
 by: Jenny McLane

Volvo and Apple announced a tie-up between the two companies which would allow for two iPod connectivity options for Volvo'?s entire 2005 US model fleet. This means that iPod owners will be able to listen to their audio collection through the Volvo audio system.

The Volvo iPod Adapter will be featured in the S60, S80 and V70/XC70 models and can be used by simply plugging the iPod into a cable positioned in the car'?s glove compartment. Other Volvo models, the S40, V50 and XC90, make use of a dashboard mounted FM transmitter. With the Volvo iPOD Adapter, users will be able to control their music through the Volvo sound system and steering wheel controls and both options charge the iPod when it is plugged.

"The year of the iPod and the automobile is off to a tremendous start with Volvo bringing iPod connectivity to their entire line," said Philip Schiller, Apple'?s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "The unbeatable combination of iPod and iTunes is a perfect fit for Volvo customers."

"Our customers have been asking for an integrated iPod offering," said Vic Doolan, VCNA president and CEO. "We're delivering great iPod connectivity options for our entire line, coupled with unique content providing for the perfect Volvo music experience."

In support of this revitalizing move, Volvo is creating playlists on the iTunes Music Store supporting emerging Scandinavian artists from different genres. Volvo hopes to encourage its customers to recognize Scandinavian talent and creativity.

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Jenny McLane works as a Market Analyst for one of the country's leading auto parts distributors. She has been in the auto parts industry for over ten years now.